Emma is an award winning tattooist who has been tattooing for 10+ years. She's a fine art graduate, has appeared in various tattoo magazines and loves tattooing flowers.


Smalls is a tattooist & graphic designer. He's been tattooing for 5 years and loves everything from big, bright & bold to delicate, monotone, abstract & cubist.


Poppy has been tattooing for 4 years. She works in black & grey and loves nature, pattern & floral work. She’s had a series on BBC Three & appeared in many articles & magazines.

TLT Portrait.jpg

Alex is a tattooer and artist from the South West.  He’s been tattooing for 5 years and has recently settled in Norwich. His work explores many forms and motifs used in tattoo movements from around the world.


We are always on the lookout for awesome tattooist’s to join our team or come guest spot. If you are interested get in touch :)